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Full service architecture and interior design firm specializing in high-end residential site development, architecture and interior design. 



John B. Mitchell

An education from The Ohio State University and his early career of working alongside some of the great architectural talent in Columbus led John to open his own studio in 2001 focusing on single family, high-end residential work. His abilities immediately opened the door to opportunities across the country as well as abroad. Depth of construction knowledge, classical training, an eye for detail and a strong appreciation for unique authentic materials are what drive his projects. Client relationships and representation as well
as a strong value for everyone involved in the work inspire John to continue creating, developing and completing timeless residences
that are passed on for generations. 

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Emily Maiden

After graduating from Ohio University she found her start as a staff designer for some of the same local talents that John worked with. The fundamentals of residential architecture and construction laid the foundation for her career. Interior design experience on multi-family projects led to her true passion for single family design. Exposure to work around the country and beyond has provided her with a well-versed approach to design. Emily enjoys being involved in a project from the ground up, quite literally. This integration provides a strong connection with the client and team that is rare. Creating unique, beautiful, comfortable and enduring interiors that speak to the architecture of a project is her passion.

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Laura Fry

Having been part of the architecture industry for over 20 years, and working with John for the majority of that time, she has had a hand in every detail of each project that The Studio of John B. Mitchell, Inc. has created. Skilled in her craft she brings reality to every sketch, concept and idea. Her hard work and focus results in documentation that translates across all trades involved in the construction process. Laura has the ability to interpret the nuances of what's being implied by both the designer and the client and fulfills a vital role as part of the team. 

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